The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.





Allows to calculate the correction factor for measurement of velocity.

Zoom drawing tube

The black template with the white grid is positioned under the transparent plastic cover of the digitizing tablet, so that the grid is in the center of the microscopic visual field.

Placement of grid

Adjust the zoom of the drawing tube so that the superimposition of the square on the microscope slide corresponds exactly to 100 x 100 micrometer (μm). Use a micrometer slide for verification (see Figure).

If the zoom of the drawing tube cannot be adjusted so that the size of the grid corresponds with 100 μm, it should be set as close to 100 μm as possible, and the size of the grid as measured by the micrometer must be entered in the Tablet section of the Options panel.

View of micrometer in microscopic field

Calculation of correction factor

Follow the instructions shown in the dialog box: place the cursor on the different corners of the grid as illustrated on the screen and press a button on the cursor.

Having done that, the computer calculates the correction factor.

Click OK to save the newly calculated correction factor. Click Cancel to keep the previous correction factor.

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