The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.

Search Sample


Search Sample


Allows to search for a sample using one or more search criteria.

Dialog box

Search sample dialog box

Enter one or more search criteria. For sample number, record number, patient and partner name, you can enter the first characters only. E.g. if you enter "sm", the program will locate all names beginning with sm, such as Smith, Smythers, etc.

  • Sample group: select the Patients or Laboratory sample group.
  • Sample number: sample number.
  • Patient record number: a record number that identifies the patient, (e.g. hospital record number).
  • Patient name: the patient's name.
  • Date of birth: the patient's date of birth.
  • Partner name: the name of the partner.
  • Date of birth: the partner's date of birth.
  • Subgroup: select a possible subgroup code.
  • Ejaculation date: date of ejaculation. Enter two dates to specify a date range.
  • Referrer: select the code of the referring doctor.
  • Reference: enter a reference number.

Click Search to obtain a list of samples satisfying the search criteria. See Search results.

Click Reset to blank all the input fields.

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