The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.

Monthly Averages


Monthly Averages


Allows to calculate monthly averages (both mean and median) for quality control purposes.

Dialog box

Enter possible search criteria.

  • Sample group: select the Patients or Laboratory sample group.
  • Subgroup: select a possible subgroup code.
  • Ejaculation date: enter two dates to specify a date range.
  • Sperm concentration: enter a minimum value for sperm concentration.
  • Calculate per ... months: enter the number of months (1 to 12) to pool results. When you do not have enough samples (less than 20) per month, it is advised to pool results from 2 or more months.

Click OK to calculate mean and median values for sperm concentration, grade A, grade A+B motility and linear velocity, per month, in the selected date range.


After the software has performed the calculations, the following report is displayed:

Example of monthly averages report

Click Print to print the report, or Click Export to export the data to an Excel (.xls file) or a MedCalc file (.mc1 file).


  • When you click Print, the report will immediately be printed to the default printer. If you want to select a printer first, press Ctrl+P or function key F11.
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