The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.

Import datafile


Import datafile


Allows to import data from previous versions of MedCalc.

Before you can import the data, a conversion program should be executed, depending on the previous AutoSperm version number.

Instructions for Version 3.6

  • Download the conversion program convert3.exe from the AutoSperm download site
  • Save the convert3.exe file in the folder where AutoSperm 3.6 is installed in (e.g. c:\autosp\).
  • Execute convert3.exe
  • It is recommended to contact MedCalc software before you import the conversion file into AutoSperm 5. Specific procedures may be needed to optimally import the old data into the new version of the software.

Instructions for Version 4

  • Download the conversion program Converter_setup.exe from the AutoSperm download site
  • Install and execute the conversion program.

Required input

  • Import from: enter the location and name of the import file (e.g. c:\autosp\convert5.txt) that was created by one of the conversion programs mentioned above. Use the Browse button to locate the file on your system.
  • Sample group: select the sample group, Patients or Laboratory, for which you are importing data.
  • Import code: enter the import code provided to you by MedCalc Software (not required when importing data from AutoSperm version 4).

Click OK to import the data.

Note: the import procedure will not overwrite existing sample data which have the same sample number.

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