The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.

User data

Required input

  • ID & Login code: the identification code for this user, which will also serve as login name.
  • Name: the user's name.
  • Fist name: the user's first name.
  • Phone: phone number.
  • Mobile: mobile phone number.
  • E-mail: his/her email address.
  • Password: his/her email address.
  • Repeat password: repeat the same password
  • Active: mark the user as active. If the user is not marked as active, he/she will not be able to login, and the identification code will not be listed in, for example, the Technician selection box when performing a semen analysis.

    Note: only the Administrator can change the active status of a user.

Click OK to save the changes.

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