The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.


Sample identification dialog

Required input

  • Patient record number: a record number that identifies the patient, (e.g. hospital record number).
  • Patient name: the patient's name, enter his last name first.
  • Date of birth: the patient's date of birth.
  • Partner name: the name of the partner.
  • Date of birth: the partner's date of birth.
  • Subgroup: select the code for the subgroup this sample will be classified into; e.g. PATIENT or DONOR for patients or sperm donors.
  • Ejaculation date and time: data and time of ejaculation.
  • Abstinence (days): the number of days since the patientís previous ejaculation.
  • Referrer 1 and 2: select the code of the referring doctor(s). If the referrer is not in the list, click the New button. The date of the selected referrer are displayed below the code. Click Edit if you need to make corrections.
  • Reference: enter a reference number.


  • Print: print a complete report
  • OK: saves the data in the database and closes the dialog box
  • Cancel: closes the dialog box without saving the data in the database.


  • When you click Print, the report will immediately be printed to the default printer. If you want to select a printer first, press Ctrl+P or function key F11.
  • Remember that when you switch from one tab to another, the changes that you have made are saved in the database. If you do not want your recent changes to be saved, click the Cancel button.
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