The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.

Sample dialog

The sample dialog box displays the sample number in its title bar.

You can switch between the following tabs:

  • Sample: sample identification
  • Analysis 1: a first analysis of the sample (e.g. analysis of the native sample)
  • Analysis 2: a second analysis of the sample (e.g. after sperm preparation)
  • Analysis 3: a third analysis of the sample (e.g. survival test after 24 hours)
  • Additional analyses: additional analyses and information.
  • Validation: validation of results.

When you switch from one tab to another, the changes that you have made are saved in the database. If you do not want your recent changes to be saved, click Cancel.

Click the Print button for a full printed report. Click OK to close and save the data.


  • When you click Print, the report will immediately be printed to the default printer. If you want to select a printer first, press Ctrl+P or function key F11.
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