The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.



  • Tablet type: select the type of tablet connected to the computer. The current version of AutoSperm supports the SummaSketch III, DrawingBoard III, and DrawingBoard VI tablets.
  • Communication port: select the number of the RS-232 communication port the tablet is connected to (usually number 1).
  • Click the Test button to test the tablet with the two preceding settings.
  • Velocity correction factor: Although this value can be set manually, it should be calculated using the corresponding procedure in the Tools menu.
  • Size of tablet square (side in μm): The size of the square on the digitizing tablet. The recommended value is 100 μm. If the zoom of the drawing tube cannot be adjusted so that the size of the square corresponds with 100 μm, the closest size that can be obtained should be used. This size must not be a rounded number (like 150 or 200): the exact size of the square, as measured with a micrometer slide must be entered.


  • Use wave sounds: Use external speakers to produce beeps. The volume of these beeps can be controlled with Windows volume control or the speakers volume controls (the speakers and their volume control may be on the computer screen).
  • Use computer beeps: Use the computer internal speaker (if present) to produce beeps.
    Computer beep pitch and time: These numbers define the Beep sound produced by the computer. This sound is hardware dependent. Recommended values are 1500 Hz for pitch and 20 msec for time. The volume of these beeps cannot be controlled.
  • Test 1, Test 2 and Test 3: Test the different sounds used by the AutoSperm system.


  • OK: saves the options and closes the dialog box
  • Cancel: closes the dialog box without saving.

Remember: when you switch from one tab to another, the changes that you have made are saved. If you do not want your recent changes to be saved, click Cancel.

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