The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.

Analysis settings

Default settings

  • Default preparation depth (μm): The default preparation depth is the default value for the semen preparation chamber depth. Preparation depth is initialized as 20. This value will automatically be displayed in the semen analysis dialog box.
  • Default dilution: If you preferentially work with diluted semen, you can enter the proportion semen and proportion diluent that will appear automatically in the semen analysis dialog box.


  • Delay time (msec): The hand being slow when starting to follow the sperm movement, the initial observations for every motile spermatozoon will be inadequate. The delay time, expressed in milliseconds, is the time fraction of initial observations that will be ignored for velocity calculations. This value is set by the manufacturer and should not be changed by the user.
  • Track time per cell, excl delay (msec): The (maximum) track time per cell is the time required to obtain adequate assessment of sperm motility characteristics. This value is set by the manufacturer and should not be changed by the user.
  • Minimum track time, excl. delay (msec): If a cell has a high velocity and moves out the visual field before the (maximum) track time is passed, the user should release the button of the cursor. If the minimum track time as defined on this line is passed, the cell is taken into account for analysis. This value is set by the manufacturer and should not be changed by the user.
  • Minimum number of cells: This is the minimum number of cells to be analyzed for adequate reproducibility. Whenever a complete field has been analyzed, indicated by pressing the end-of-field button on the cursor (button [4] on a DrawingBoard VI tablet), the number of cells already analyzed is compared with this value. If the number of cells analyzed is lower than the set limit, it is recommended to continue the analysis. As soon as the number of cells analyzed exceeds the set limit, a triple beep is heard and calculation starts.

Motility grade classification

  • Grade a if linear velocity more than: The number entered here sets the lower limit of linear velocity of grade (a) motile cells. Cells with a linear velocity higher than this value, will be classified as grade (a). The default value is 21.99 μm/sec.
  • Grade c if velocity is less than: The number here sets the higher limit of velocity of grade (c) cells. The default value is 5 μm/sec. Cells with a velocity lower than this value are classified as grade (c). Cells with a velocity higher than this value, but with a linear velocity lower than the value in the previous line, are classified as grade (b) cells.


  • OK: saves the options and closes the dialog box
  • Cancel: closes the dialog box without saving.

Remember: when you switch from one tab to another, the changes that you have made are saved. If you do not want your recent changes to be saved, click Cancel.

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