The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.



Allows to access the AutoSperm software and database.

Required input

Login dialog

  • Login: your login name
  • Password: your password. Remember that your password is case-sensitive.

To change your password

After you have successfully logged in with your current password, select Users in the Tools menu (referrers: select Referrers in the Tools menu). Next select your login name in the list and click Edit.

First login after installation of the program

After you have installed the AutoSperm software, you use ADMIN for login name as well as for password. This will allow you to login as the AutoSperm administrator.


  • change your password (see above)
  • create user accounts for one or more technicians. Even if only one person will use the software, you must create a new user account, and use this account to access to program for daily work. As an administrator, you cannot perform semen analyses in the AutoSperm system.
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