The AutoSperm system has been discontinued. These pages are for documentation only.

Description of the AutoSperm method

A zoom drawing tube is attached to the microscope. A digitizing tablet is placed next to the microscope.


A grid is placed on the tablet.


The zoom of the drawing tube is adjusted so that the sides of the grid correspond with 100 μm in the microscopic field.


The technician observes the spermatozoa in the visual field, together with the cursor on the grid. A motile cell is registered by following the movement of the cell with the cursor, for a short period of time, whilst keeping a button depressed. An immotile cell is registered by pressing a different button on the cursor. After all cells in the grid have been registered, a third button is pressed and analyis continues on a different visual field.


The AutoSperm program analyses the data from the digitizing tablet.


When a sufficient number of spermatozoa have been registered, a summary report is displayed.

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